Launching an Affordable Hearing Aid Through Crowdfunding

Key Highlights

Goal exceded by over $175,000 in just two months time

$243,000 raised by crowdfunding campaign

Over 900 unique contributors and funders


iHEAR Medical, a San Leandro-based medical device start-up was launching the world’s first high-quality affordable hearing aid,($199). The president and Founder tapped us to handle the public relations and communications strategy and implementation for their Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.

The goal of the campaign was to reach $65,000 in two short months and we didn’t have time on our side, but knew we could leverage the right media and tell iHEAR Medical’s story to reach their goal.


In just two month’s the campaign shattered its goal by over $175,000 by raising $243,000 for the affordable hearing aids and the campaign has over 989 different contributors and funders.

The media efforts were extremely aggressive and successful as the campaign was featured on Forbes.com, Tech Crunch, Gizmag, ABC 7 San Francisco, and a host of other media outlets.

Earned Media Partial List