Our proven track record shows our relentless approach when it comes to securing key press hits, creating brand identity, positioning products and services as must-haves, influencing the influential and providing unmatched client service.


Bluetone works with clients on all major messaging and positioning statements and language, including its value and major selling points and features and benefits of the product offering; we utilize all messaging and positioning for public media statements, releases, articles and more.

Earned Media

Earned Media is the backbone of any PR campaign; Earned media establishes credibility and trust between company and consumer; We have a database of media contacts that we have worked with for years and work together to get companies noticed.


Media relations refers to the relationship between a company or an organization developed with journalists, editors, or reporters; we work with national, regional and specialty media on behalf of our clients on featured articles, podcasts and broadcast segments.

Influencer Strategy and Engagement

We work with recognized influencers and content creators on a daily basis for unique partnerships, sponsored posts, giveaways and more on behalf of our clients.

Consumer-product launch PR

Bluetone works with an array of clients months before product launches to map out and plan a 12-34 month PR, media and Comms strategy that will cover everything from pre-launch to post revenue engagement.

Crowdfunding PR

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As a premiere partner of Indiegogo, Kickstarter and other platforms, Bluetone works with funders on getting maximum visibility for their specific campaigns in the shortest time-frame possible.

Mission-driven PR

We have represented major foundations and non-profits and offer unique campaigns to make a tangible impact for mission-based organizations.

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