Purple Squirrel

Purple Squirrel

Getting an Author Noticed in a Saturated Category

Key Highlights

Differentiated the author in a competitive marketplace

Drove traffic to the booksellers with the highest conversion


Google’s Leadership Recruiter and five-time Recruiter of the Year award-winner, Mike Junge, required an aggressive media and public relations campaign for his book titled “Purple Squirrel.” The book was written to help job-seekers understand the rapidly-evolving job market and tips on how to get noticed. The market is saturated with books in this category and the publication needed to be leveraged as an imperative tool for job-seekers in a tough economy and attract the attention of nationwide media.


We implemented an aggressive communications strategy that utilized Mike Junge’s accomplished career as a differentiator within the marketplace. We targeted a mix of broadcast, print and online media that was heavy on book reviews to drive consumers to Amazon.com where the book is available for purchase. Mr. Junge was featured on top-tiered national media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Monster Worldwide, ABC News, KTLA Los Angeles, Forbes, Fins.com and Media Bistro alongside a host of others that positioned “Purple Squirrel” as the go-to guide for job-seekers.