Memorable and Successful Campaign

Key Highlights

$260K raised by 8,000 backers over 60 days

Raised 5,249% of original goal

Over 75 technology and consumer-based media placements


We were tapped to be the Agency of Record for Spigen’s Indiegogo campaign and product launch for their unique iPhone case inspired by the orginal iMac G3 case.


We offered up a unique concept which incorporated elements of nostalgia and moving tech forward at the same time. As Spigen is a well-known company, we wanted to create a campaign that would be memorable and fun to a large demographic.

We utilized a mixed campaign of aggressive social media presence and targeted digital ads with an aggressive PR blitz that targeted major media coverage and product reviews.

The 60 day Indiegogo launch campaign was a measurable success. The campaign hit over $260,000 and was backed by 8,000 people, which resulted in 5,249% of the original campaign goal.

The campaign was featured in over 75 technology and consumer-based media including VentureBeat, Mac Rumors, 9to5 Mack, Mac World, Life of Tech, The Verge just to name a few earned media placements.

Earned Media Partial List